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Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Dr Cheung is a strong advocate of immediate breast reconstruction and many modern studies have shown that mitigating the physical impact of breast cancer surgery has an immense positive effect on how a person copes with their cancer treatment. With the era of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (chemotherapy to shrink tumours) we have less and less reasons why we cannot offer patients immediate breast reconstruction.

Dr Cheung performs Breast reconstructive surgery to help rebuild a woman’s breast following a mastectomy. Dr Cheung will go through in detail with you the various options of mastectomies and breast reconstruction from total skin sparing mastectomies (keeping all your skin and nipple) and skin sparing approaches including reconstruction using your own tissue and using different types of implants.

Dr Cheung will tailor your reconstruction depending on your condition, your body shape and physical fitness and various other factors.

Breast reconstruction surgery does away with the need of wearing an external prostheses by creating a pair of natural looking breasts that can help improve a woman’s self-image, confidence and quality of life. Many of Dr Cheung’s patients have their reconstruction surgery performed at the time of mastectomy, which can limit the need for a second major surgery. Radiation therapy may make immediate breast reconstruction unavailable. Delayed breast reconstruction surgery may be performed once all therapies have been completed and a reasonable amount of time has lapsed.

Unfortunately, the national breast cancer rate of breast reconstruction in Australia is only 12%. Dr Cheung advocates the principles of immediate breast reconstruction as an option to her patients planning for mastectomy. Breast reconstruction is accepted by 84% of patients when given the option of immediate reconstruction.
There are many myths that may influence a patient’s decision to not undergo reconstructive surgery. Some of them may be:

  • Many patients are not offered immediate breast reconstruction because they were told to sacrifice their breast in order to save their lives was their only option.
  • Patients are often under the assumption that surgery is too painful. The majority of Dr Cheung’s patients take paracetamol or Nurofen for a few days after surgery and a stronger medication of an evening post surgery for about a week.
  • Some patients are of the opinion that breast reconstruction will require hospital care for an extended period of time. Most of Dr Cheung’s patients are out of hospital after 2-3 days and can usually resume most normal daily activities.
  • Your friends have told you that the results are better with a delayed reconstruction. This is not the case.
  • Some may think that breast reconstruction is considered as a cosmetic procedure and therefore not subsidised by Medicare or your Private Health fund. Medicare covers the cost of reconstructive surgery as does your Private health fund, depending upon your level of cover.

Dr Cheung is more than happy to answer any questions or discuss any concerns that you may have regarding breast reconstructive surgery.

Areas of Breast Reconstruction Surgery:

  • Oncoplastic surgery
  • Mastectomy surgery
  • Augmentation (implant) surgery
  • Reconstruction surgery


Vectra 3D Imagining Technology

Dr Cheung offers patients access to the gold-standard Vectra 3D Imagining camera technology to provide patients with a 3D simulation of breast procedures and the results which are achievable.

The technology allows you to view the three-dimensional image from any angle, zoom in for a closer look, superimpose the simulation over the pre-op image, compare side-by-side, or fade between the two.

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