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Breast Health Checks

As a woman, your breasts are a defining factor of your identity and physique. Yet over a woman’s life your breasts can change.

Some of the most common reasons your breasts may change can be related to pregnancy and breast feeding, changes in hormones, as a result of weight gain or weight loss and also aging.

From time to time these changes needs to be checked by a Specialist.

One simple appointment with Dr Cheung can help put your mind at ease with a simple comprehensive breast health check.

This private consultation includes a series of tests, such as, a breast examination, complete with analysis and a discussion about your current health status.

Any changes or abnormalities can be discussed and examined more thoroughly through careful assessment and you may receive a personalised management plan on the same day.

While the majority of breast changes are not cancer of the breast, early detection of breast cancer at our one stop BreastCare Clinic can help make treatment easier and more effective (for suitable cases).


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