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Consulting at three locations across Sydney.
Dr Deborah Cheung is a specialist breast surgeon, focused on breast health and surgery.

Dr Deborah Cheung is a Specialist Breast Surgeon with over 15 years’ experience!
She is the Head of the Breast & Endocrine Surgery Department at Nepean Hospital.

Dr Deborah Cheung is a leading Specialist Breast Surgeon with over 15 years’ experience in cosmetic (lift, augmentation, reduction), oncoplastic, breast cancer, mastectomy and reconstructive breast surgery procedures.

With a passion for women’s breast health and how women feel about themselves, Dr Cheung’s unique ability to thoroughly understand what women go through as individuals dealing with breast health issues and a women’s desire to feel confident, in control and good about themselves, is reflected in her expertise and personal approach to each individual patient.

Consulting out of three locations across Sydney, Dr Cheung utilises the most up to date advancements in surgical and safety techniques to optimise your health and wellbeing in all areas of breast health, breast cancer and cosmetic surgery.

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